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“Mike Randle vs. Kobe Bryant”
July 17, 2003

Mike & Susan B.

Well, last night’s show was really fun! Although we only did 5 songs, I stretched it as much as possible, even going so far as to pouring wine for the band members and proposing toasts. The only bad thing (and I recieved a ton of e-mails from people who tried to make my show) was that, next door at the Kodak theatre, ESPN was having an award ceremony. Most of Hollywood Blvd was closed off, which made this a problem but not that big of a problem.

The real problem came when knowledge of Kobe Bryant making an appearance (he was there with his wife) brought out a ton of media hounds and eventually the police shut down the la brea/hollywood blvd intersection from 10pm till 11;30. my show started at 11pm so if you came late you got screwed, unless you knew to drive more north to franklin and then come down the first street to park. So I blame Kobe, but I guess I’m not the only one blaming Kobe. he’s got his own problems.

The best thing of the night was that LOVE FAN Susan B. came all the way from Orange County! what a sweetie! Thanks again, Susan. The NEW GUY was there and he booted the whole show. Even (our sound guy) Pete Magdaleno showed up. it was still a fine night, despite the traffic.

Mike Randle


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