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“Dreamin’ about kickin’ it”
June 3, 2003

As soon as we check in our hotel I’m gonna find a nice pub and relax. Maybe even take a swim if the hotel has a pool. Everytime I come to chicago the weather sucks. I hope this time is exception.

When I get back home I have a few days of organizing stuff and I want to have a yard sale but also I am committed to having a 5 song “sampler” ready when i get to England on June 26. I have been recording when I have the time, of a new album of solo music (that I’ve mentioned before), and I think it might be neat to have that in limited supply and only to UK love/baby lemonade fans (for now.) It’s fun making this record all alone in that if I don’t like what ive done I can always replace myself and I won’t get offended if I come off too insensitive.

I just asked Gene what time it was and it looks like we got about 2 hours before we land. It’s nice to know that LOVE fans are so dedicated in that, people are driving from as far away as Cleveland to see this show! It makes you all that much prouder, or at least it makes ME feel that way. I know we all walked off the stage feeling great after the SF show. The singer is still in pain and has a can to take the pressure off the right ankle. Having this day off helps a lot.

Mike Randle


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