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Mike Randle


“An open letter to KAT”
February 11, 2003


c/o-Jessie Wallace (a.k.a., “KAT”)

BBC Elstree Centre, Clarendon Road, Borehamwood,

Hertfordshire, WD6 1JF, England

Dear Ms. Wallace, first off i want to say that I enjoy your work on East Enders and that, whenever I am in the United Kingdom I make it a point to watch your show. You are my favorite character on the series, possibly because not only do I think your are very cute but you can get down right emotional-so emotional in fact that i have shed more than a few tears in those tight moments. My business that brings me to England is a pop group called Love with Arthur Lee, which I am the lead guitarist. We recently played Royal Festival Hall in London (twice in 3 weeks, sold out both shows as a matter of fact) and when we played in Manchester, some of the Coronation Street cast showed up. Now, no disrespect to them but what I really want if for you to except my invitation to come see our group play at King’s Cross Skala Theatre April 31st. It’s going to be Fun!!!!!! Although we (the group) normally are touring these days with (an excellent) an 8-peice string and horn ensemble, this particular show will be just the 5 of us “rocking out.” I truly hope you can make it and not only that but to be my guest at our backstage after-party. This would just be tops, you know? Um..so a little bit about myself, right? That’s what you were thinking, huh? Are you a Libra or something? Well, to begin with, my name’s Mike Randle (I’m a Scorpio, by the way) and I play lead guitar in the group. I live in Los Angeles, which is also where I was born. I love to swim (and dive) in the summer, enjoy a nice healthy Lager, take my coffee with cream only (as well as my tea), I also play a decent piano, love to cook and love my martini’s shaken (not stirred) with Stoli vodka 3 olives and a tad bit of olive juice (basically, a “DIRTY STOLI”). I love my steaks a little less than medium, a little more than medium rare, i love to shop for records, clothes and enjoy riding bikes. To me, almost nothing beats that perfect bottle of Merlot from Napa Valley (anything but that aweful Copolla stuff…YUK!) and catching that truly righteous wave on a boogie-board in Santa Cruz, staying just barely out of the way of the sharks, and not spilling a drop. We could take a nice drive down the coast. And maybe, just maybe, if you needed a date when you win an EMMY (that’s right, East Enders comes on BBCA here in the USA now!) for your incredible talent, i could rent a tux and stroll down the red carpet with you. Keep in mind, this is not some romantic notions I am presenting to you. See, romance has never been my forte…i can never remember the flowers and chocklates (and my spelling is atrocious…). But if there is a good friend you want, i am that pair of ears willing to listen, willing to be the clarity you can count on in a world filled with celebrity disappointment. But if none of any of this comes to fruition, just know that i would like to meet you and simply say thanks for being so good at your art. That said, please know that your name (plus guests) will be at the ticket box office and we can arrange a special section for you all to sit cause i know how some of those London boys can be. Your safety would never be taken lightly. I hope to hear from you, Kat…oops! I mean “Jessie.” your friend, Mike Randle West Hollywood, California mike@lovewitharthurlee.com

Mike Randle


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