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“Kat’s Out Of The Bag”
February 12, 2003

Wow, you have no idea how much I regret those last two diaries. I am getting bombarded with e-mails, both pro-Kat and anti-Kat, some of which are funny and quite tongue-in-cheek and others, which are down right nasty, snide and mean! So, for the record, lest ye get confused, the Diaries are for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY, got it? Now I love “East Enders” and I like Kat’s character (I disagree with those 2 blokes on the messageboard dissin’ Kat ’cause she’s got hips…SHE’S WOMAN, HELLO!) but the letter was obviously tongue-in-cheek as well but some people are taking it WAYYYYYY too seriously and for that, I feel like i started something I wish I hadn’t.

Maybe it’s because I wish I was a comedian? Now, I’d be relatively stoked if Jessie Wallace came to a show and chilled backstage but i don’t wanna shag her, ok? I was being a silly fan writing a silly kinda letter. Now i got people e-mailing me saying, “Why on earth would you want to bag that cow?” Or how about the bloke that suggested she was hanging like a $10 hooker? (And since WHEN do hookers cost $10? Not in Brighton.)

I guess I am the guilty party in that I LOVE gossip and this is quite gossippy…I mean, on one hand I feel kinda bad but on the other hand I LOVE the attention ’cause it may actually get to the ears of the Producers of the show. It’s so ironic, huh?

So, here I am last night listening to Van Dyke Park’s “Song Cycle” CD, sipping some Bushmills and chasing it with a German Lager (i think, Franziskaner) and listening to this brilliant CD and thinking, “Yep, dreams ARE still made in Hollywood.” Even with this horrible rain, those 1960’s refections of this dirty town still can bring goose pimples about the arm. After i finished SONG CYCLE i popped in “Orange Crate Art”, the album he wrote for Brian Wilson to sing. And by the way, Brian does a spot-on amazing job-so good in fact that I think they sedated him, to be honest!

Orange Crate Art was made in, I think, 1995? It’s sort of a romantic album that’s set in California and is one of the most musically perfect records I own. For me, this is what I prefer to listen to..this is what brings me joy. Everyone should have at least one record that brings them joy in a way that no one else can comprehend. I think that’s what makes us special, even though it is all in our mind. And even the Monkey on the Wah Wah can’t touch that.

Mike Randle


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