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“But do you know how long I’VE waited?”
August 1, 2003

That was the Singer’s response to the woman (who sounds JUST LIKE Jane, from the Isle of Man) who asked if he’d known ‘how long she’d waited for this.’ And the Diary wants to know does anyone have any idea how long WE’VE WAITED for our copies of the record? Well, we just got them YESTERDAY from the Singer. He strolled into the studio with the CDs (and a new flight case for his SG) and handed them out. Upon opening mine, the CDs fell out! And, even though we only got ONE COPY EACH i refuse to bad mouth our record company; it’s just not a good idea. But some good news is that we were working hard on new songs and then we discussed some ideas. Last week, Ringo called me and suggested we release an EP. Something like that would be very ‘do-able’ and practical and it would be great for the fans while we finish all the other tracks.

We feel it’s long overdue for the new stuff to surface. But it’s only an idea right now, in the early stages. But we all feel it’s not a bad idea. So cross thy fingers. Working on the tunes was work but also great fun. We literally tore the songs up to the foundation and built them back up. I think, if you want to capture the spirit of a song you have find what really makes it ‘move’ and exploit that. Motown knew that. Stax knew it as well as Sun. It’s fun being around such creative and talented people and you sometimes wish a camera was rolling because funny stuff happens all the time.

When I finally popped in my CD I played disc two first. I had NO PROBLEMS whatsoever. I saw the photo gallery and the video. Speaking of the video, is it me or is it just insane how the camera COMPLETELY missed the trumpet solo in ‘Alone again or’ and then, in a near attempt to add insult to injury, the camera goes to the horn section JUST AFTER THE SOLO ENDS. Exactly who is the genius behind THAT particular novice move? IT’S THE BLOODY SOLO, STUPID!!!!!

T-R-U-M-P-E-T S-O-L-O. A-L-O-N-E A-G-A-I-N O-R. Who did they think we were, Grand Funk Railroad? Ok, the Diary is done venting. We appreciate everyone who has bought or will buy the new live CD. Thank you very much!

Rusty and I were at a bar the other day and the strangest thing happened. The guy behind us asked the bartender if she could get Fox Sorts World on the telly. Why, She wanted to know. Because he wanted to watch MANCHESTER UNITED play. Now, what in God’s name is Man U doing penetrating American society? I mean, y’all already sent Blair over to make BUSH look even more ‘aw shucks’ and ‘dang stupid’ than he already is – if that’s at all possible. Blair was using big words and Bush just kept saying, ‘Yep.’ My favorite line though, is when Bush ACTUALLY forgot the name of the country that holds the title as 33.3% of the ‘Coalition of the Willing’, ENGLAND. E-N-G-L-A-N-D. Bush said,”…and I just wanna say thanks….um….thank you for the support we got from….um (he then points at Blair)…these folks in that country over there…” Good job, number 43. Rest assured, he will not be number 44. Rupert Murdoch can stick that in his pipe and smoke THAT. But MAN U is everywhere. In the LA TIMES. On TV. Even in movies! Bend it like Beckham. Bend WHAT? Who the hell is Beckham? Oh, Mr. Posh Spice! Well, why didn’t you just say so!!!! Ok, The Diary needs a cuppa coffee…it’s all too much.

Mike Randle


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