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“Found my Phone!!!!”
August 2, 2003

As I was putting my clothes in the washing machine, my mobile phone fell out of the pile which made me so happy! As you may (or may not) recall, after Dave Jenkins dropped me off from our rebel-rousing night at Spaceland, I couldn’t find my phone. But now I have it and the smile has returned to my face. Lots of recording all this and next week, then rehearsals for the House Of Blues show the week after that. Busy. But not too busy to enjoy a pint at Barney’s during happy hour (only $2!!!! It’s like dying and going to heaven.)

Now, imagine how pleasantly surprised I was to receive in the post today a copy of “Scottish” Keith Stodart’s NEW BOOK, “ALL ABOARD THE LOVE TRAIN!!!” Well, it’s 44 pages on 8×11 paper so if it were in small print on smaller pages it might work out to about 130 pages or so. Ah, why the feck do I know…I can say it’s GREAT. it’s his assessment of a bunch of shows but also the adventures that came with them and some really wonderful color pictures! I think this is a must for LOVE fans and, NO, I am not getting a cut of the dosh! But since Keith is relaxing on some wonderful beach in Greece (I am sooooo jealous!!!!!!), I can’t really ask him for details about it. But it looks nice and the pictures are very clear. There’s even a cool foto of Scottish Su, who is on holiday in Barcelona as I write this. Everyone is on holiday except me!

Well, this weekend we should have all the musicians flushed out for these 2 upcoming shows. We hit a slight bump in that, a couple of players actually had to back out due to prior commitments. And two of the players are in other states at the moment (a violinist and a trumpeter) so it may not be Monday before I can schedule a rehearsal with them. Gunnar (in Sweden) e-mailed Chapple the sheet music and I made all the musicians copies of the R.F.H. show so we are very close to having something going here. Knock on wood.

Mike Randle


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