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Mike Randle


August 4, 2003

Ok, I wasn’t going to write a diary today. I wanted Scottish Keith to write it cause he’s somewhere on some island in Greece and I am like SOOO jealous. Ringo’s in Portugal and Granny’s in Spain. And Scottish Suze is in Spain! And I am stuck in this 90F smoggy hell tank called Los Angeles….I am SOOOOO ready to hop a plane to Cabo and kick it with Sammy Hagar, maybe sit in on some old Van Halen songs?

I have to split in an hour, as we are cutting some drum tracks and possibly some bass. I just don’t want to go outside cause it’s so hot and the smog in this city this time a year is deadly. But I guess I should stop complaining. It could be worse; I could be locked in a room filled with Jello with Ann Coulter. And I wouldn’t wish that on ANYONE. ‘Scuse me, who’s Ann Coulter? Nobody really. Just a practically CERTIFIED lunatic, that’s all. Everytime she comes on tv I just wanna throw a book at the screen. There’s a career in being a con man (or con woman) I suppose. Ok, music then pints then tacos. Also, meeting up with PORTLAND LOVE FAN, Kevin Williams, at Barney’s tomorrow for lunch. He loaned me the full season 4 of the Sopranos…I am forever indebted to him…

Mike Randle


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