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“Meltdown Mike”
August 5, 2003

Got to the studio to lay down some tracks for one of the new LOVE songs but ran into some serious speed bumps. It was Chapple, Daddyo and myself (with the ‘New Guy’ hanging out in the corner, eating Cheetos and drinking Newcastle) and the goal was to cut some drums and some bass tracks. (Rusty and the Singer weren’t around today, but weren’t needed, but will be around Wed.) There were some technical problems ( I won’t bore you with the details) which drove me f*%^$&^ crazy.

So much that I decided to pack up and go home. Yep, I turned into a big baby right then and there. A SPINAL TAP moment. Actually, Spinal Tap would have blushed. Luckily, Chap and Daddyo, being the ultra-great fellers they are, put things in perspective and the rock continued. See, I wasn’t trying to be a big b*tch. I just got really frustrated, like the way you do with children, and just felt like there wasn’t anything gonna go right today. That’s a negative attitude and I’m not usually that pessimistic but I guess the heat, combined with the smog and the traffic just made me lose it.

So, I apologize to my friends, although I know it was no biggie to them. I might add that it was amazing to me to see Daddyo lay drums down, take after take, and have each one be so ‘Cool.’ And then Chapple drops a bassline in that’s so ‘Golden Era’ LOVE that I was groovin’ out of my pouty ways in a matter of minutes. Ok, maybe this is too silly of a diary but I thought I oughta get it off my chest. Now it’s Miller time…

Editor’s Note: I have it on good authority that the ‘New Guy’ didn’t eat any more Cheetos than Mike did, and certainly drank fewer Newcastle’s… And the same way you call a tennis player a “wall” if he’s able to hit it back to you every time, no matter what, Daddyo was definitely a wall today, laying down those sticks. And Chap’s bassline was cool too. LOVE fans are in for a real treat when the new songs debut…

Mike Randle


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