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“Dear Diary readers”
February 12, 2003

Dear Diary readers, below is an e-mail sent to me by a fellow named Josh Hobbs. It was sent to me on January 21 but I wanted to wait to get his permission before sharing it in the Diaries (although I’ve shared it already with a few close friends.) The reason I’m reprinting it is because I think it says quite a bit about how much and how far the LOVE train has come (since Arthur’s case was overturned) and every one of you has played a wonderful part.

Rick Neilson

His letter was so innocent and honest it just brought a smile to my face. And not because of his compliments about my guitar playing. But because i remember being kid and going to see “Spinal Tap” at a Theatre in Westwood (1980, I think) and guess who walks out of the theatre but CHEAP TRICK’s guitarist, Rick Neilson!!!! My Hero! I walked up to him and told him as much, extending my hand to shake his. He looked at me, turned, and walked away. Although my feelings were hurt, I never held it against him (Rick, if you’re reading this YOU OWE ME ONE!) Sometimes you can catch someone at the wrong time. Well, apparently, Josh caught me at the wrong time and i apologized to him (after i got the e-mail) and am in the process of sending him some autographed goodies and stuff.

“Dear Mike Randle, IM only 12 but my dad took me to the Milton Keynes concert (Forever changes) I was really looking forward to it and I thought it was amazing. My dad went to the London one on Wednesday the 15th January and said it was even better – I didn’t believe him though because the one I went to was the best anyone could do . Me and my Brother who’s 15 were searching for your plectrum but couldn’t find it anywhere. We were the 5th row back and it is the best thing I’ve seen in my life, there was even the orchestra there. My brother plays the Guitar and has one like Arthur Lee’s. I thought he was good but when I saw you play you made my brother sound useless.

I was there at the end of the concert listening to what you were saying on the stairs and I was also there when you were signing things at the Programme seller and T-shirt seller. I was the next inline to get my Programme signed but you walked off although you were probably busy and had things to do like clear up.

All my friends took the mick out of me for going to an old band but I said yeah but maybe if there were a few more old bands around music would be a thousand times better then it is because it was the greatest concert ever. All in all I just wanted to say how AMAZING you are at playing the guitar and say to Arthur that he’s EXCELLENT at singing. Also the concert was ten million times better than AMAZING and I would love to come and see you again. Please write back if you have time.”

from Josh Hobbs

Mike Randle


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