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“Shrimps on the Bobbie and the deep, deep south”
February 15, 2003

Australia is one of the places i’ve always wanted to visit and now it looks like i will certainly get to see the Down Under country. LOVE are booked for 4 shows in mid April and we’re all looking forward to it. I especially want to see the place where the English sent their criminals. I hear it’s beautiful and the weather is great. I guess the convicts had it good, ya think?

Now, i’m no genuis-i’m first to admit that-but if i were…er…say…the KING OF ENGLAND and i wanted to teach a bunch of convicts a good lesson, i’d LEAVE THEM IN ENGLAND and I’D MOVE THE REST OF THE COUNTRY to a nice big gorgeous CONTINENT and leave the cold, rainy island to the theives. But i suppose that idea never really entered the minds of the British aristocracy. But hey, who’s keeping score, right?

So it looks like LOVE with ARTHUR LEE will be doing some serious globetrotting from March 29 to April 22. In that time we’ll be in Los Angeles, England, Scotland, Greece, Ireland, Holland and Australia before preparing for the FOREVER CHANGES USA tour. And i must admit, the Diary is getting tons of e-mails from the Southern states…and they want to be COUNTED IN! To be honest, i don’t know if LOVE have EVER played the south before. Does anyone know? Maybe Torben knows (he’s probably having a pint of THOR as i write this…)

So, if we do the south (and why not?), i would think it would include North Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Tennesee, Louisianna and Texas. But who knows. For those of you lucky enough to have experienced the south know there are three things you can count on: Humidity, Bar BQ and Southern Girls. If you never heard Cheap Trick’s “Southern Girls” do yourself a favor and pop it on the turntable.

I think that song says it all, although the Beach Boys did alright with that line in “Calirfornia Girls” that says,”…and the southern girls with the way they talk, they knock me out when i’m down there…” Imagine playing a show in Dallas and a cute, barefoot southern babe wearing daisy dukes comes up to you and says,”I rally lahk yallz mewzik” All you can do is grin and pass the Bar BQ sauce…

Mike Randle


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