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“More day off adventures…”
June 2, 2003

So, I was waling down Sutter street, near Powell and ran into Pete AGAIN…we went and met up at the hotel with the Swedes and then Pete drove us all to Tommy’s Joint, where a huge feast of massive proportions took place. Afterwards, everyone except maria and Stefan, went to “Lefty’s” for pictures of Achor Steam (Diary Note: Saturday night, i said Maria was the kiss fan but I ‘d gotten her name mixed up with Kjersten. Actually, Kjersten stayed behind with Maria and Stefan as well.)

Oh yeah, Daddyo didn’t come either…almost forgot…we drank a lot and Anna’s boyfriend, Peter (along with Rusty) was having Bushmills shots…i was SOOOOOO jealous. I could have bought a shot but I felt it best to take it easy. Fnally got to bed at 1am…for a 7am wake up call. Six hours sleep…no problem. By the way, it’s 8am now and I am typing this right before we head off to the airport and fly to chicago…cheers!

So, we all went to Lefty’s, on Geary and Powell, after our serious grubfest at TOMMY’S JOINT, which included lots of huge sandwhiches and good ales…earlier I’d said that MARIA was hanging with us last night…..WRONG! her name’s Kerstin, and my deepest apologies…we had a bunch of pictures of beer…

So a bunch of us went to Lefty’s to relax. I stayed till 2am…came back and wrote this…

Mike Randle


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