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“I see your picture, it’s in the same old frame”
March 1, 2003

– If you ever wondered what Ketil looks like playing violin after 9 pints at 4 a.m., wonder no more. We had a day off in Cambridge and, after watching the Raiders beat the Jets on t.v., we headed to Kose’s room for a party and impromptu jam. Ketil, knees wobbly and all, treated us to a Swedish version of “Dueling Banjos.”

– Anna and (Guitar Tech) Davie share a moment during a break in their “Yahtzee” game. To pass the time while traveling, some of us would watch DVDs, listened to CDs or read, while others would play Yahtzee, shoot “craps” or just sleep. But no matter what you were doing, Anna usually has her camera out!

– Dave Chappie and Davie hang out at Kose’s hotel room party. You can even see Bjorn jamming in the back even though it was at least 3 am by that point. For some reason, no one complained, so we continued to make noise, uninterrupted.

– Daddy-o and DRAW lead guitarist, Dave, enjoy an ice cold one after the show in the downstairs bar at KING TUT’S WAH WAH HUT in Glasgow. Few people realized it at the time but, at the Liverpool show, Dave’s amp blew up and caught on fire. Davie had the presence of mind to put the fire out and re-route the sound through another amp (with the help of his lap top) within minutes. Sammy Hagar was right; there IS only one way to rock.

– Anna and Stefan do their best “Mick Jagger” impersonations or maybe they are checking each other’s tonsils out? This is what happens when you spend WAY too much time together on the road…

– Anna and (Orchestrator) Gunnar Norden celebrate the end of the tour at Royal Festival hall in London with a hug and (out of the picture) Champayne toasts. When it was discovered that the original sheet music for Forever Changes was lost 30 years ago, Gunnar re-wrote the arrangements BY EAR.

– The Forever Changes Ensemble (or, the “FCE” as we call ’em!) in action at the 2nd R.F.H. show during “Old Man.” I had the best seat in the house. Think i didn’t feel lucky?

– Kose, being the great party host that he is, takes time from his cigarettes and larger to pose for a picture and let us know that Anna is “ok.” Anna, Stella Artois in hand, unknowingly gives the photographer the British “F*ck Off” sign.

– Although Caroline and Eric look to be sharing a tender moment together at the RFH after-party, Caroline is actually trying to figure out if Eric is really Danny Elfman or Dougie Hauser.

-After a long night of partying (especially after a 2-hour show), Stefan likes to sleep the next day’s bus ride (and hangover) off, missing the glorious Milton Keynes countryside.

-Bjorn “getting his groove on” during ALWAYS SEE YOUR FACE, which always kept the girls in the front row interested. The horn section was moved up front (they began the tour in the rear) after Bjorn’s trombone kept hitting Anna in the back of the head.

-Mike enjoying a cup of wine after the RFH show and wondering to himself if the SUPER FURRY ANIMALS have stolen all the bottles yet.

-Karl does his best to show how excited he was after the Manchester show but Oscar doesn’t seem to appreciate his approximation to Karl’s armpit.

-Daddy-O and Anna (does she EVER put that Stella down?) bask in the glory after the RFH show as my special guest at my “AFTER” after party in my hotel room, but it’s short-lived when Gene tells everyone they have to pay for their own hotel rooms (only joking.)

-After watching Ketil butcher’s “You set the Scene” in Brighton, Rusty shows him how to REALLY play the violin, as well as make the all-important “Rock Face” that we have all come to love so much.

-Although some of us were already MORE than suspicious, this photo removed any doubts we may have had about Stefan and Bjorn.

-They were the rowdiest, the loudest, the drunkest, and also the best crowd of the tour, in terms of just being WILD.

Mike Randle


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