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“Move over Kat”
August 6, 2003

Well, I’m off to the studio in a bit. Had lunch yesterday at Barney’s with LOVE fan, Kevin from Portland, who just moved to LA. Good for you, Kevin. Welcome to California. Bad news: East Enders bad girl, KAT, is set to get married. Of all the injustices of the world! Well, Kat, I’ll have you know I’ve moved on. It’s now a fight between Jane and Susan from COUPLING. I kinda like how Susan is real smart and sophisticated but she is a tad bit too ‘needy’. You know, “Where ya goin’, love?” every 5 minutes. Jane, on the other hand, is always getting into a fix and looks so cute trying to get out of those jams. Not the brightest light bulb, that one. But she makes up for it with her charm.


Ringo finished the poster for my 12 BAR show! By the way, CITY LIFE will be released on London-based, OCHRE RECORDS, the earliest date being late October 2003, the latest being JAN 2004. Maybe we could release it on New Years’ Eve, like Van Halen did for their 1984 LP? Maybe not. Tickets are going fast and, if you’ve never been to the 12 bar I’ll have you know it is VERY SMALL but quaint, in a real nice England Pub sort of way.

Got an e-mail from Scottish Keith. He’s downing Greek beer like it’s going out of style. Sixteen more days and then we fly to London. I can’t imagine the heat will still be around. My guess is as soon as we land it’ll snow. And, Mike F., there was no ED in the studio THIS time! I wasn’t up for going to Rusty’s gig last night so I don’t know how it went. I also didn’t go see STEADMAN either. They were at the Viper Room. I’m recuperating, ok? Wait, isn’t Kobe on TV? Gotta go.

Mike Randle


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