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“Nothing to fear but fear itself (or SLEEP IS A MYTH)”
April 16, 2003

My initial plan was to hit the pubs here on some recommendations by Martyn, who, by the way, is the only guy I can communicate with, as I am 17 hours ahead of Los Angeles and not quite on track with most anyone else! But even martyn is 7 hours behind me and HE’S IN BLOODY SOUTH AFRICA so go figure, right? But this gives me time to reflect on how cool these shows are gonna be and how much fun it’ll be to finally play in front of Aussies for a change….OK, I reflected…NOW I MUST BE BRAVE and fend off that storm and by a man and walk straight into that pub, sit my bum down and order a true ale or something close to it. No more excuses. I should be asleep right now. I oughta be in bed. That’s where I should be. But I have to try out the pubs in this area; it’s my duty as an American to sample the local product (I said PRODUCT, not the hometown talent, ya perverted Scotsman) and convey to you, the reader, what you should cozy up to and what ya might wanna avoid, on your next visit down under. And looksy! the RAIN HAS STOPPED! Ok, I make my brake…now…until tomorrow Au Revoir…

Mike Randle


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