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“Par for the curse” October 18, 2003

The dust has finally cleared and it looks like the cubs and bo sox have again succumbed to the ‘curse’ of the goat and bambino, respectively. to our euro and uk friends this must seem insane that we Americans care for baseball so much. but not only is baseball our national pastime it is by far our own culture, along with rock and roll and breast implants.

so, as we fly to Philly tomorrow and lose those 3 hours in the air coupled with our 5 hour flight i will be thinking of that first game of the world series; the new york Yankees versus the florida marlins. so grab your seat, crack open a six..NO, a 12…NO NO NO…wait…a CASE OF YOUR FAVORITE brew, pop open the pretzels break out the hooka, reschedule surgery and watch the best of the best play ball.

my apologies to those of you who have tried to buy the Mike Randle and Rusty Squeezebox 2000 solo releases on the www.mikerandle.com website. the site will be up very very soon…i swear it. as i mentioned before, i will be selling both CDs before and possible after each show (not at the merchant table) for the super low price of $10 a piece. or you can order it (via Paypal) from the site next week and pay shipping. it makes a wonderful gift for any member of the family or maybe you just wanna impress that special someone.

and i can’t believe i’m packed already and got my CDs and my personal stereo all in order. i am usually a last minute louie, scrabling round and full of stress. so today i made a point of doing whatever needed to be done. the only thing left is the rock and roll. forever changes and then some. we are all looking forward to seeing all you great, wonderful friends again. cheers.

Mike Randle


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