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A Diary Part Two!
October 7, 2004


Later last night, after I talked to the New Guy, me, Frasier, Daddyo and Chapple were playing poker and we were doing really good. It was really fun. Without Kose and his maniac poker tendencies it was really cool. After that, I got tired and went to bed. Next morning I got up and around 11:00 AM me, Frasier and Daddyo found a cool Mexican restaurant and had breakfast. Then we went shopping at the Salvation Army place for cheap clothes and I bought a suit for 5 bucks which I’m going to use for my photo section in Philadelphia for Magnet magazine. After that we came back and we started to watch some of the Dodger game and the Dodgers lost. Then we soundchecked and then the Zombies soundchecked and it was then that I found out that some of the guys in the Zombies had played pool with Glenn and Kose at the hotel and the Zombies won to which Rusty and I told them that redemption would come tonight after the show. Then we played our show. The show was great – spot on, ace on and after the show David Jenkins (a different David Jenkins that the guy in the Spoilers) told us that he was amazed that we didn’t just go through the motions cause the crowd was thin but it didn’t matter to Arthur who gave, in my opinion, the best show of the tour so far, and they’re only going to get better. The people in the hotel are really nice, and the people at the venue were really nice but Greeley sucks. Most of the people at the show drove in from somewhere else – I say give the city to Canada. Afterwards we signed a lot of autographs, including Arthur and Johnny, oh, and me and Frazier and Troels did our laundry today… Johnny was amazing tonight – did some incredible guitar solos. He played on about 6 songs and wasn’t running on and off the stage every 30 seconds. Troels totally hooked Johnny’s guitar up – got it sounding really good. It’s worth mentioning: before every show Arthur has everybody put their hands in like one of those football circles and then we go on stage. And Greeley stinks. The bus is about 2 blocks from a slaughterhouse – dead horse smell is all we can smell. And there’s 15 more days until I see Hannah and I’m very happy about that. Also, we’re very happy with a new project that the New Guy has going on with Arthur, but that’s a secret for now… Let’s just say that that new album The Singer has been talking about for the last several months looks like it’s gonna happen soon. And this boy will be complete when my woman comes to town. On that note, I’m outta here to hit the loo and talk to you tomorrow… After a 14 hour drive to Minneapolis and a little piece of heaven at the First Avenue… See you there.

Special Thanks to The New Guy

Mike Randle


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