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A Monster Diary
May 3, 2004

Well, I saw this really intense (and well-made) movie called, MONSTER. It’s a film that starts that chick from THE FIRM and it’s about a prostitute that goes postal on her johns and along the way, becomes a lesbian for the hell of it, thus she takes on the character of a serial killer so her young lover can eat better. but, this is based on a true story. and the film is extremely realistic. Now, if you live in Oslo or Kansas or Staines, this may come off as pure Hollywood. but, to the lady who i hired a car from today, “she could be the lady down the street from me” cause, see, HALF OF LA ACTS CRAZY LIKE THAT. Now, not too many of us venture downtown unless it’s a LAKER game on or you have to pick up your deadbeat brother from the train station (ok, sorry about that Bro)…or in my case, yer eating Sushi at the New Otani Hotel or sampling the Whiskey bar at the top (oh my, just writing that makes me wanna go…) and even when you are trying to park your car you realise there are people sleeping ALL OVER the streets down there. Skid Row is only 2 blocks from Little Tokyo. and Skid Row is hell. no point and letting the preacher man scare you. it’s right there…IN LA. i would even think Iraqi folk would consider Skid Row to be beneath them. of course it’s sad but people would rather have a bit more dosh so they can see MONSTER rather than biuld a hospital for these obviously mentally disturbed people. So, when you see a woman who looks completely ‘shot out’ and ‘to the curb’ with , like, 9 teeth missing and offereing to ‘serve you h’ourve dors’ at 9pm on a friday night, you know what’s going on. to see it in a movie doesn’t shock you at all. the only thing that shocks you is that, in MONSTER, only ONE person is doing it! and to that i gotta say…no no no…there are atleast 5 because there’s always competition…but the movie this diary wants to see is NEW YORK MINUTE!!!!!! cmon, say it with me.


IT starts those adorable little creatures, the Olsen Twins, and it also stars Eugene Levy (Best In Show/ American Pie) about he two girls getting in trouble. Hello, what else are they gonna do? i have tried to contact them (through their agent) about an interview for the Diaries with no luck whatsoever. oh well (ho hum). so i spent the weekend in the studio (when i wasn’t at the THE NEW GUY JR’s birthday party with Julian in tow) and we got Morley Bartnoff to lay down some super cool piano licks, as well as some nasty analog sythesizer parts! yes…Barstool Blues is days from being finished! but i must saty out of the bar…had way to much to drink and passed out on rusty’s couch…not a good thing…don’t try this at home, boys and girls…gonna fit in a Dodger game with my buddy Dan soon…and with my kid when they have another day game…Meeting up with Scottish Keith and his lovely lady in SF this weeknd…if you are there go to the bottom of the hill to see Brian Jonestown Massacre…will be a blast ya’ll!!! a few more days till the Knitting Factory!

Mike Randle


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