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Drifting Like Wood
May 5, 2004

well, Rusty and I checked out KILL BILL 2 which we both liked. we took a break from writing songs and needed to get out. after that we went to truetone so i could buy some more leads (or cables, as we yanks say) for my pedals, as Troels complains that I had some bad connections on the last tour. you happy Troels? oooh…got a funny email from Kose’s wife today! what a gal…she did that last tour with us…and it was funny seeing her dragging Kose around to do touristy stuff… “Cmon Kose, we go to see the mountains now!”….”yeah, Laila, Goddamn man, for sure” Pure cute comedy. well, it’s May 4 today and tomorrow is my younger brother, AJ, birthday. i gotta find this gift he wants, a New England patriot jersey…authentic jersey, which is an arm and a leg. must also get pages added to my passport. can you believe my passport expired in 2002 and i got a new one jan 2003 and the pages are all full. dang it all. later on last night, Rusty and me went to Q’s to watch the Detroit Redwings play Calgary (Hockey) and it was a good game but Detroit lost in overtime. poor Detroit. so then we walked next door to Hana Sushi and ordered a DRAGON ROLL. talk about yummy…then we hit up the Tavern for some pints and a fight broke out but 2 of the regulars, Reno and Nick, grabbed the troublemaker and tossed him good. boys will be boys, huh? tomorrow the spoilers play the bitter redhead. i don’t know if you are going but, on wed, BIG ELF play the troubador at 8pm. i will be there. plus, the burgers there are the dog’s bollocks. oh, nearly forgot, got an email from (BJM singer) Anton saying he doesn’t know if they are playing in S.F. sunday. um…it’s tuesday right now. sunday is in 5 days…i hope they find out soon….and on that note…

Mike Randle


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