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Forget The Days… Its Just Good To Be Home…
May 1, 2004

Ok, no more dreary rainy looks at my day to day…or maybe it’s all just silly and giggly-like? anyways, have abandoned my DAYS TO 100 march (kinda like the countdowns to 100? no wait, i did more than 100….how come no one gives me any credit? ok, am being too cheeky) but what i really wanna talk about (and i have exactly 3 minutes to type before this computer clicks off) is the absolute idiots that work security at LAX. but i don’t have enough time, as it’s now down to 2 minutes and 20 seconds but i will say the Scandic tour was a success and the folks up north are down with the rock. speaking of rock, i saw SCHOOL OF ROCK ON THE PLANE and i recommend it to anyone with a sense of humor and a boss for an a#$hole! ok, on that note…it’s down to 1 minute, fifteen seconds…i am now understanding we are playing the Knitting factory…oh boy..

Mike Randle


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