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Movin On Up (Hum Theme From The Jeffersons)
May 6, 2004

So, after spending the morning running errands, i finally got the keys to my new place from my housemate, Alia. rusty had to run up to Chapple’s studio to get his amp repaired so i pretty much moved by myself (well, Rusty DID carry a couple of things to the car for me…thanks Rusty) and i spent the next 2 hours sneezing my arse off. See, i am very allergic to cats and there are 2 here. So i cleaned away and it seems it was mostly the cat fur cause i vacuumed my room well and cleaned the entire bathroom and then felt much better. (but my face DID swell up a bit) so, from about 1pm till 7pm i spent cleaning, cleaning and cleaning. About 7:30 i drove (i could have walked but, hey this IS LA.) to the Bitter Redhead and just then Rusty pulled up. So i helped him with his drums and i saw the Spoilers manager and said hi and then the B.R. bartender, LeeAnn, who is 100% crazy LA fine, no foolin, guys. and she had a STONE I.P.A. waiting on the counter and it was most certainly MILLER TIME and that first sip…wow….that was priceless. Sam and Brook arrived later and then everthing was set up and me and Brook started jamming guitars and rusty was on the drums and then Sam joined in (Jenkins hadn’t gotten there yet) and then sam stopped and then Sam suggested me and Brook turn down, maybe cause we rocked too hard. Then David “Cookiehead” Jenkins showed up and the band soundchecked. and then we all watched part of the Sacramento/Minnesota basketball game (Sac won, those cow-town bastards) and then at 9:30 the SPOILERS set began and it was good too. I little later i noticed my buddy in the corner checking the show out. so i went over and chatted with Andrew Sandoval for a bit and then i went and sat on the couch inbetween to very attractive blndes who started up on my hair. but the thing is this; they LIKED it, and so that was a nice departure from rusty’s friend, Nick DuBois, calling me TAMPON HEAD. So i chatted with these gals damn near the whole night. they were sisters and the n to my right (forget name), had an 11th month old son and we talked about being parents. and that was right good conversation. the guy behind me couldn’t believe it…he thought i was wasting my time. but what he couldn’t understand is conversation is everything and these days, it means a whole lot to me. Sam invited me onstage for a cuple of songs…a Neil Young tune and some other sng which i cannot recall. But next wekk, yall, i am playing electric piano every tuesday with the SPILERS 9or until they fire me) so, whuppee, i have a new job! so i drained some more pints and then the band stopped at 11:30.

The Way One Opens a Beer with a Cigarette Lighter!! We Dutch know all about Beer! photo by The Freedom Man

The 2 sisters bid all adeiu (all the boys were heartbroken…not me) and then i helped Rusty load his truck with drums. it was about midnight and i had a case of the mad mad munchies. i broke down and went to Jack in the Box and got TWO MONSTER TACOS. maybe it was the movie, MONSTER, influencing me/ i didn’t know. i nly knew i needed those Tacos. I pulled up to the new place, which is in the Ocean Park area of Santa Monica (hey, even i get lucky sometimes…oh, did i mention Alia’s a bartender?), and i parked out front and ate the tacos while listening to talk radio. everyone wants to know how the peple who were sent to prevent human rghts abuses are infact committing human rights abuses. sounded like a good question. i don’t think anyone had the answer, that whole 15 min i spent listening to the show. I walk into the place and Alia was surfing the net (her computer is so slow it’s frightening). i opened 2 beers for us the way Troels showed me, with a cigarette lighter, and we chilled out and chatted for a bit. I spoke to a very good friend for a little while and once i was off the phone, i went right to sleep. 1 am. Tuesday night. imagine the end of the song wth the Gospell singers going, “Pie i …. i……iyi….”

Mike Randle


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