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Carmel Pale Ale
December 5, 2004

Right now I’m drinking a Carmel Pale Ale. It belongs to one of my housemates, Jason. Jason likes to eat cereal in the morning, every morning. he works in television and film, plays footie in a league, loves English premiere games (we get it on cable) and overall, is a swell guy. He’s from Boise Idaho and also enjoys a good beer. we made a bet whether or not the NCAA football team from Utah would rank BCS (bowl championship series) by season’s end. it’s a foregone conclusion that i’ve lost the best. and so i owe him a 12 pack of STONE BREW, which is an excellent beer from San Diego. but not just ANY brewery but one owned by an old friend. So i am debating whether to be tacker and ask him to send me some beer in exchange for giving his product props. course he dont need me right?

So it’s saturday night and i’m sitting here and Hannah and Kate (other housemate) are watching some girly movie while i indulge in Bushmills and this Carmel Ale. NOw, as far as i know, LOVE is supposed to play the CoachHouse December 18 but it’s all so funcky so please call yourself and verify wots wot, yeah? i think that’s good…sooooo me and Hannah went down to the Promenade to shop and found her some super cute pajamies and a sweet top that says “i been good this year (mostly)”. and the place, OLD NAVY, was totally crowded. so we walked next door to fatburger and had 2 Fatcheeseburgers. yep. twas good. then we went back to Old Navy and hannah got waht she wanted but when we got back home it was the wrong size so now she gotta take it back n stuff. then we went over to TRUETONE music (www.truetonemusic.com) for guitar strings ( i use Ernie Ball Super Slinkys .10-.46, green pack…mom) and then we caught the beach bus (25 cents) back to mainstreet.

we debated whether to go to the Tavern and decided not to and came home and stuff. i listened to some demos and wot not and got an email or two but had no time to answer (note: if ya keep em short i could get to alot. right now i got 70 emails that are 3 to 4 paragraphs long so its gonna take some time but i promise to get to EACH one. scouts honor… well, Rusty’s b/day is Dec 10. he’s gonna kill me for saying it! nodding off…peace the f*ck out…

Mike Randle


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