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November 8, 2004

For those of you who just can’t figure out what’s going on with the CoachHouse show, the show IS happening and tickets should be available as i write this. The date is December 18. Appearently the ticket folks screwed up (or something like that.)

Well, i been hard at work doing demos and writing songs and, when time allows, using the computer or watch People’s Court. I keep a weird wacky schedule that usually works like this:

I wake up around 8am, get a cup of coffee, listen to demos or whatever i did the day before. take a shower and Then, maybe check emails. if the emails are to the point, i can usually zip thru 30 with little effort. if they’re long emails i wait till i have a day where i can really read them thoroughly, as I don’t like to skim over anyone’s correspondence. After i get off the computer i check to news to see if we’ve caught Osama. If we haven’t, then i turn the computer off or log out.

Then I got to my TO DO list for the week and see what needs to be done. For example, next thursday is the day where i’ll sort through clothes and donate stuff to St. Matthews Church before the end of the year, so i can also write the donation off (that’s not why i donate, but it doesn’t hurt.) Around this time 9which is about 9am) i usually pick up the acoustic and start strumming around and finishing half-finished lyrics. i alway hi-lite words i want replaced but i never let a bad lyric slow me down (ALWAYS try to ride an idea to it’s finished) so i bash stuff around till close to 10am. Then Hannah wakes up and makes us a cuppa tea and bagels (with either cream cheese or peanut butter, depending on her mood). If she makes it with cream cheese, she makes em with lettuce, tomatoe and onion (yummy)

After breakfast, i take a brake and watch Judge Mathis on channel 9, 11am. then i go to my home studio and gt back to work, like the other day i had to build a drum track with drum samples and it was real tedious stuff, only to realize that i mistakenly mixed down the click with the drums! but it was way down in the mix and so it didn’t bother me. but it took to me a good hour to copy and paste all these parts so that the drums would ephasize the songs parts i wanted to stand out. and hey, all you REAL drum enthusiasts out there; it’s ONLY a demo. besides, not only would my neighbors come after me if i had real drums set up, but drum machines ALWAYS agree with me!

From there i’ll do keyboard parts and piano parts. my rhythm isn’t always spot on so i’ll usually loop the music parts and play along many times before recording it. I want it to sound good so i’ll try for the best take. Doing acoustic guitars are the fun and easiest part to me. i have a system that i like and it really works for me; i use a PPA 1 condenser mic and i mic the guitar from about 5 inches away, right by the back bridge of the acoustic. i run it through an mxr old school compressor and through the mixer and into the machine. some of my demos, if you SOLO the acoustic guitar tracks, you can hear Hannah laughing in the next room or turning the pages of HEAT magazine. yep, the mic’s that good.

I usually use a CAPO on the acoustics but when i try to use them on the electrics i usually hafta re-tune with the Capo on (as opposed to tuning first and then putting the capo on.) By the time i’m ready to take a break, i usually have rusty come down and take a listen (as we’d worked on the songs before hand and i record most of the tracks and leave electric guitar, vocals and some acoustic guitar to him.) if he green lights the direction i’ve taken then i write down some notes and set em aside. By now it’s 1pm and hannah has made sandwiches like a real sweetheart. we’ll both have a lager to wash it down and watch people’s Court from 1pm to 2pm. After that, i’ll finish some more recording and whatnot and then mix down something to listen to, as a point of reference.

Then, and usually about 4-ish, Hannah and me take a walk to Venice beach. hannah’s always promising the street merchants she’ll buy their wares and so we spend part of our time dodging the various ‘promisers’!!! we usually walk halfway down the boardwalk. sometimes we stop at Benway records to check it out, see wots new. then we walk to the FIREHOUSE on Rose and main street for happy Hour (4:30p to 6:30p/ 9p to 11p) and maybe a snack. get home again around 6pm and watch a bit of telly and have a cuppa. Kate usually gets home around this time and so Hannah and Kate girly chat for a good hour while Kate makes herself dinner (usually pasta) and then Rusty comes down from watching lord of the rings or star wars on dvd for liek the 100th time and makes himself a bite. then, about 7:30, jason comes home and he usually has salad and soup for dinner. sometimes raw carrots. then hannah and me will have some pizza or lasagna or chicken breast with sides.

Then we’ll all sit around and watch some tv or movies and then maybe i’ll check the computer again and maybe even write a diary. if it’s after 9pm i’ll ring the new guy sometimes when the calls are free on my mobile.when 10pm hits, it’s usually time for a bit of Bushmills and a bit ofsnuggling with the woman. then she usually reads me a story before bed. no lie.

Mike Randle


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