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Nope? Yep!
December 3, 2004

LOVE FAN, Chris, in Dallas, sent me his band’s CD. They rule. If you wanna rock AND have great songs to boot blasting your neighbors out their Tupperware parties, get NOPE’s GETTIN UP THE RENT. you WONT regret it. or go to www.nope.us now, that aint no invite for every band on the planet to send me their Cd (unless they send it with a $20. them i PROMISE…i SWEAR…to talk about it on the diaries…and just think, you sell 2 or 3 extra copies and it’s considered a wise investment….but hey, the Diary has more class than that and would, er, never, er, accept, um….$20 for something like that….$50, however, would be tough to turn down…dang, the diary has turned sellout. is there ANYONE out there, other than Tony perkins, with integrity? oh, by the way, his website is www.martinlutherlennon.com …but actually i dunno if that’s really his website. i think it is. ) So give them NOPE boys a good spin or two. have some texas BBQ and an ice cold Shiner Bock. How bout them Cowboys?

ok, so i could have left this diary right here. see, some are short and some are long. i had to catch the #8 blue bus the other day, up Ocean park, and ran into a 16 year old LOVE fan. He was real nice and even called his pal. hey Mike, why ya on the bus? that was his question. well, young man, it’s quicker than walkin. obviously this kid aint never been divorced. but he was really nice and said very nice things about the band and blamed the Royce Hall show on the sound guy ( Pete’s gonna come after the kid, i jus know it), not the band guy. well, i’ll end this note to say i had a good 15 minute chat with Forever Changes LOVE drummer, Michael Stuart! See, my good pal, Laura Kelley’s dad, Dennis, is long time pals with Michael. it was one of the best conversations i’ve ever had. What a great guy. I asked him..BEGGED him to let me interview him and so he agreed and so i am gonna go to work on that as soon as possible. am terribly busy but what else is new? and who AINT busy? the COACHHOUSE is a go, far as i know, so see yallz there.

A little note from Michael Stuart-Ware

Mike Randle


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