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Coach House And Peanut Butter And That Nice Walk Up The Hill
December 18, 2004

We set sail for San Juan Capistrano in about 1 hour’s time. I think it’s worth mentioning that I dropped the bagel (with peanut butter) that Hannah made me all over my shirt. But it didn’t hit the carpet, thank goodness. And this morning we donned the back pack (that also has wheels)…wait i said WE…i meant ME, i donned the back pack and we walked the 15 minute uphill/downhill excursion to the Supermarket on Ocean Park Ave. We were out of nearly everything so we got some stuff and wotnots (no beer, cannie ya beleeve it?), and stuffed the back pack. but then the zipper broke and so i had to do a makeshift zip job but that seemed to hold out and so we made our journey back even faster than when we set out, which we found amazing.

Yesterday i had replaced my old guitar strings on my acoustic (i normally use Dean Markley) guitar but Hannah’s brother, Ben (a guitarist as well), turned me on to D’Addario x-16’s, light gauge. Simply marvelous. Thanks Ben. And so now i hafta hop in the shower and get on the road. Rusty, Hannah and me are driving down seperate from everyone else. Also, our great pal and fellow musician, David Nolte, is guitar teching for us tonight. if he looks familiar, it’s cause he plays bass (and produces) David Gray. Figure that Dave Nolte ain’t doing it for the money but cause he either wants to get in for free OR he wants our show to sound as good as it sounded when we have Kose and Troels. So, atleast we know we’re in good hands. Johnny Echols is playing the show with us so that should be a nice xmas gift for everyone there. if we could get more of the original members onstage one day, that would be great. something to shoot for indeed!

Mike Randle


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