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P.T. Barnum Would Be Proud
December 21, 2004

Well, it was never my intention to join the circus but i fear the circus has joined me. How could a movie with such a great script, such a good plot, turn out so rotten with so little beauty? Now, when I see people seriously injured in a car accident and i see the lookers-on, i wonder if they secretly want to applaud. Would they be more inclined to applaud if they’d bought a ticket to the car accident?

I would like to personally thank Johnny Echols for not only being an amazing musician, superb guitar player a really good singer, but for being one of the most beautiful human beings you’d ever want to meet. I do hope Johnny gets to play with Baby Lemonade in the UK and Europe sometime next year. And I think if people want that, maybe that could happen. Now, I thought long and hard about writing about last night’s show. I am not going to go into it here. if someone who saw it (and is capable of telling the truth) wants to discuss it with other fans that’s their business because I really don’t care. To be honest, when Gene Kraut started the messageboard he had no idea it would become so bully pulpit and sour. But maybe we are asking too much to think a messageboard should be Love and Kindness and Faithfulness when the band in question (from what i understand) never quite possessed those qualities.

Me and the other Baby Lemonade guys (as well as sound engineers, roadies, techs, horns & strings players and 2 managers and 2 bookers and 2 promoters) have given our heart, soul, lives, time and everything else on the line to make this dream of bringing LOVE’S career back to where it belonged. We’ve put our lives on hold. We’ve endured nasty jealous vindictive comments and emails from ‘so- called’ fans who grimmice at the fact that LOVE is capable of playing shows that are professional; they prefer fall-down, profane 20 minute jams to help them forget their own problems. Listen, i don’t play music for people like that. I really miss playing great shows like we did on the Zombies tour in October. Why would we want to be anything but great? And why do we, as people, need to hurt each other, as well as ourselves?

I try to steer my son to choose right over wrong and he pretty much knows the difference. If he makes a WRONG decision it’s because he made the wrong CHOICE. But he can correct it by simply making the right choice. When you make the wrong choices OVER AND OVER again and it affects other people’s lives, it can also destroy the very precious things that friends hold true to their heart. I really really want anyone who loves this music and the band to understand that Forever Changes was not only an amazing record but many people who were a part of that record have never really been given the recognition for what they personally brought to the table. there are many souls on that record…heck, on ALL the LOVE records.So, all the typed drama aside, i won’t revisit this topic again. I want everyone to have a safe, happy and wonderful Xmas and New Year and also i want to say a sweet THANK YOU to Cheryl, who gave me a “Mike” Santa Stocking with Ernie Ball (Green Pack, right on!) Electric Guitar Strings! Just what the doctor ordered!

So, the diary shall continue to march on. And i’ll be candid when i feel i should. But mostly, I am getting ready to fly to Dallas to meet my girlfriend’s parents and the rest of her family (her family are flying from London to spend Xmas with their Texas relatives) so i expect to eat loads of texas BBQ (sorry caryne!) and also hook up with LOVE fan, Chris Purdy, in ‘Deep Ellum” for more than a few Yuletide Pints. Here’s to wishing everyone good cheer and a healthy holiday season. Baby Lemonade appreciates every last LOVE fan. Always have, always will. And i PROMISE you will see Baby Lemonade onstage again in 2005…most likely with a special guest or two…

Mike Randle


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