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Mike Randle Magnified…..Finally!
December 18, 2004

Well, while Hannah is sat next to Julian playing Mario Brothers’ GO KART (and challenging each other with the ‘two joysticks’ plan), I finally found out that the interview I did in September with Magnet Magazine is out next week (but you can actually order online now, I found out). Elliot Smith is on the cover and the piece on Barstool Blues is in the MAGNIFIED feature section, apparently with photos (though I don’t know which ones they used from the photo session). But if you go to http://www.magnetmagazine.com/ , click CURRENT ISSUE and scroll down a bit you oughta find it. Now, Barstool Blues is still exclusively a UK/EUROPE release. Uncle Sam hasn’t had his grubby paws on this yet. And i’ve been too lazy to whore my record out to Indie knuckleaheads who wear plaid jumpers and Pumas. But one cool thing is my Internet Expoler now lets me do cool stuff like make my words lean and stuff like that. I think they call them Italics. But what I really like to do is make ’em bold cause that gets attention. if i really want to make my point known i can always underline it, right?

Now i know this sounds wicked silly but i was thinking, whist eating a yummy toasted bagel with Peanut Butter that my incredibly lovely girlfriend made me, that if i put north american ownership of Barstool Blues on EBAY would anybody bid on it? as a matter of fact, it would be all territories that aren’t Britian and Western Europe. I don’t own the rights to those areas. However, i DO own the rights to Turkey, Egypt, USA, Canada. Mexico, South America, everthing near Australia and all of Asia. That’s gotta be worth something. And when this article comes out it’s gonne be even better, as i vaguely remember begging for someone to put it out here in the good ol USA. Now i’m GLAD i still own the rights here. Im gonna clean up and i’ve already bought cigars. I need a straw hat and i’m set there after. So check ebay out…you might find a surpise. And hey, you never know, you jusy might find the rights to Barstool Blues under YOUR Xmas tree this year…

Mike Randle


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