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Mike Randle


Day 13 The Ride To Nottingham
February 19, 2004

I came to. breakfast was on the desk. Dave Chapple was nice enough to being me cereal, yogurt and juice. i couldn’t focus my eyes for the life of me. i wasn’t hungover. check. i still had my shows on. check. my sweater and jacket were nearby. check. so what happened from the time Avid told to beat and and 10:30 am the next morning (which was NOW.) outside, waiting for the bus to pull around. Daddyo says, “Mike, you owe me £5” and i go FOR WHAT and he goes FOR THE PUKE ON THE SAID OF THE TAXI. and i got OH SHIT, MY BAD. then i kinda remembered doing it. but i felt great. so i said f*ck it and rusty and i went and got a kebab at 11am. got into the bus and Bent goes, KEBABS AT 11AM. we looked at him and said, YEP. we rolled on to Nottingham with the bus smelling like Kebabs… it was raining (No!) when we arrived to check in the Nottingham hotel. i walked arround town after check it and then went and got a light bite. went back to the hotel and watched some TV. i think kelly DID win CELBRITY GET ME OUTTA HERE. i watched the news and also got chuckles form wathcing the british press make Tony Blair skirm. hit the hay and got some much needed sleep.

Mike Randle


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