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Day 19 Edinburgh Overtures
February 21, 2004

The morning after the Aberdeen show, i was dead tired, having gone to bed around 4:30 am. the drive to Edinburgh was really nice. The original plan was to take off right after tonight’s show and head to Glasgow because the hotels were all booked up because of some Scottish football game er something. But Bent was able to get us a hotel and so we chcked into a hotel a short walk from the venue. after we checked in, Chapple and I went to the venue to much on sandwiches backstage. then met up with Keith. a nd we say OLD MAN, Tina and Lizzy B. We all went to a bar called THE LAST DROP, which sits rabout 15 feet from the spot where the last person was hanged in Edinburgh, in the town square. hey, i don’t mind being immortalized but that’s ridiculous… after that, we chilled a bit and then I went back to the venue and had some beers with the guys. The keys played another great set and then we went on around 8:30 and rocked till curfew, 10pm. This was easily the best show of the tour. Everyone was happy and everything seamed magical. the fans were just phenomenal and the sound was great. after the show, we hung out in the venue, took some fotos with fans and signed autographs. I even got interviewed by some person… I still don’t know what it was for. it was like 6 questions…relatively painless. afterwards, we went for some kebabs and then a bunch of us (including Brummy Jim) headed to the bar…can’t remember the name. after a bunch of drinks (and a shot of whiskey) Keith and I hit the hotel and crashed out. Keith said i snored all night. sorry bout that Keith…

Mike Randle


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