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Day 21 Glasgow Show Day
February 24, 2004

Walked into town to check emails. Norman, from the Teenage fannies, emailed to ask me to put their wives on the list. The TFC were in Chicago making a record and couldn’t make it. While walking down the street, Chapple and I stopped at a music shop. turns out, our old guitar tech, Davey “on the spot” Roberton, from the FC tour (last Jan/Feb) owns a guitar repair shop downstairs! it was good to see him as well when he stopped by soundcheck. We went on around 9pm and the Glasgow crowd was smashing. One thing about Scotland; it is like no other place. the people are straight to the point honest and just warm folks all the way round. after teh show, hit some bars and ran into some cool fans, esp one guy, Craig, who was nice enough to buy me a cold one. cheers. Hit the hay around 2 am.

Mike Randle


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