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Day 22 Snow In Newcastle
February 24, 2004

First snowflakes of the tour. last time, the snow fell in Fife, Scotland, exactly Feb 1, 2003. we checked into our hotel and, starved, ordered food and pints and gobbled it down. the road is no way to stay in shape. a nd the “wacky” stuff had worked it’s self out (Antony came back to the fold to sell merch). the show in Newcastle was odd but not a bad show. Glasgow was better i thought but i say let the fans decide, you know? Tina and lizzy were there and they’ve seen damn near every show. afterwards, Ringo’s folks came down. people were asking for a million autographs and i said to Ringo’s mum, Jackie,”The girl keeps bothering me to get the singer’s autograph but i can’t. and she won’t leave me alone!” She said, “You tell ‘er your Mum’s ‘ere and that she’d best get on” Go Jackie! got back around 1am and hit the hay, big time. tomorrow we roll on to Liverpool…

Mike Randle


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