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Day 26 Birmingham Bullsh*T…Whups I Mean Bullring!
February 29, 2004

well, i walked around birmingham and found a french resteraunt called CHEZ JULES which was the total bizzomb (ok, that’s BOMB for you folks at home) and i had lamb and a salad and a lemon soup if you can imagine that. it was really freezing. and then i visited St Martin’s church…and it wasn’t the church the German’s didn’t bomb…nope…they bombed the doo doo outta this church but, hey kids, they rebuilt the thing so, rest assure you can see it and you won’t notice a stitch. got some some postcards for Rita, and Mom and then went to soundcheck.

Mike and two of The Keys have a drink after the show.

after that, me, Glen, Rusty, Chapple, Troels and Kose went to (TRUMPETS SOUND) “NANDOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” that’s right folks…the only hope England has for entering the 21st century properly! well, after that good food…(Chapple had a salad but the rest of us devoured those little wicked birds) we went and played a fun show for Birmingham. After that show, i went next door and had some drinks with LOVE FAN Jim and Dukie and a bunch of other folks including those wild basterds, the KEYS, who wreeked havoc on the poor Tavern and the drummer, Elliot, was showing everyone his beer belly. gotta love them KEYS. especially if yer sheep. ok, that’s a Welsh joke and we’ll leave that one right there. after the pub closed down, the KEYS gave me a life to my hotel and that was so nice of them. they did offer me the chance to come to Cambridge, as they had a hotel there, but i said NO! and chose to stay in my room and freeze me nads off.. heater wasn’t working. bedtime? 2am. oh shoot, show was reall good. almost forgot!

All pix by Dukie Anderson

Mike Randle


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