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Day 28 Don’t Bury The Ales…
February 29, 2004

Ok. I will be totally honest and if this offends anyone I am very sorry. Please accept my deepest apologies BUT: Aylesbury makes MILTON KEYNES look like Beverly Hills. This place is SO out of the way and nobody ANYWHERE knows what the EFF is going on. we got lost 5 times and everytime we asked for directions you thought we were asking people for their first born. it was insane. GO ROUND THIS ROUND ABOUT…UP TO THAT CHURCH, SWING FROM THAT VINE, THURN THAT CORNER AND MAKE AN ABOUT FACE. yep, pretty much like that. oh, and click your heels together 3 times. THAT’ S how insane this town is. NOW…the folks that came to the venue must be from another town cause they were spot on cool, down with it and made the show 100% better. the show was really fun, althoguh i made a few mistakes and some amps blew (we are getting 3 amps replaced tomorrrow…) we still rocked and afterwards, cause it was the KEYS LAST SHOW WITH US ON THIS TOUR, we all hung out, drinking beers and taking pictures…the Singer even came out and hung out with us all and loads of pix were taken. it was truly a magnificent way to end Feb. ok, it ends tomorrow…but hey, tomorrow is a special day…and i don’t just mean Superman’s birthday…BUT ANYHOOT, it was a great show and afterwards my friend jackie gave me a life to Richar’d flat near Heathrow. we got here in like 45 min cause jackie was hauling ass. so i leave you at this diary at 3am on a freesing london night. goodnight.

Mike Randle


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