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Day 32 Goin Back To Calais (I Dont Think So!)
March 4, 2004

…Bents wake up call at 6;45am and the 3 hour drive to the Ferry at DOVER. but, alas, we had Jim Long’s wonderful whiskey to keep us company! once on the boat, rusty, daddyo, chapple, antony and myself partook in the 8-pack of S A BRAINS Dukie had given us. Brains is a delicious ale made in Wales. it was good on the boat. landed in Calais around 3pm if you include the time change. then it was a good 4 hours to Paris. we checked into our hotel and had so,e beers at the hotel bar. then we found a great italian resteraunt and all of us (kose, troels and bent as well) had our fill of pasta, meats and wine. after that, i was done. those guys hung at the bar in the hotel for a bit but i turned in after watching so,e BBC NEWS AND A REALLY FUNNY Bush re-election commercial. the guy is dreaming is all i can say. kinda reminds me of so,eone who works on your car and brings it back in even worst shape qnd then has the audacity to charge you 5 times more than he should and encourages you to bring it back. hey, to quote the president himself; “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on you!” one can only hope we yanks take heed that kind warning fro, sir dubya. call me crazy but, i dont think the supreme court (aka, Bush Inc.) can help ya out this time, Georgie. ah….bed calleth as i finish another chapter of “3 men and a boat”, which i recommend to anyone with a keen sense of humour and no outstanding debts….

Mike Randle


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