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Day 33 Give Paris One More Chance
March 5, 2004

Woke up around 10:30 and took a stroll. Found a laundromat and so sprinted back to the hotel and got a bag of smelly clothes. a guy in bad english tried to explain to me how the machines worked. i, in turn (and in bad french) tried to interpret his instructions. press button that says number 10. get soap. put load in washer. put soap in cannisters and lower into wash. press number 25 for your washer. now pay 3.40 euros. ok, paid. machine stars automatically. i strike up a conversation (albeit? a slpooy one) and it turns out he is a love fan! but all my attempts (including showing him my tour badge) fail: he doesnt get it that i am in the band. after my clothes were done i dropped them off back at the hotel. i saw Sky Saxon and Chapple having a little chat in the lobby. it was raining outside. I dopped my stuff off and went for a walk thru Paris, In the rain. in was wonderful. ran into daddyo and rusty on the street: theyd gone to napoleans grave and the effiel tower with antony. i went a cafe and had a chicken lunch and a greqt cup of coffee. a perfect cup as a matter of fact. got textd to Bent about soundcheck and heqded to the hotel, but first stopping at a clothing store for a shirt and some underwear (gee, more info than you wanted to know, huh?) went to the venue to soundcheck. so,e very nice seeds and love fans outside wanted autographs. let me say, french fans are wonderful and they love the music every bit as england does. they just express it a tad bit differently. but they certainly soak it in. watched the seeds play a greqt set and then we went on to a packed, sold out show. about 800 people. show was a really greqt time. afterwards, hung backstage with our friends, the Paillet sisters (Anne, Claire and Lise), their freinds/ boyfirends and our friends from LA, Katrin and Mark Cox. it was greta to see Katrin and Mark as they had only had dinner with Rita and I in December before annoucing (before a Spoilers show) they were moving to Paris. So it was great to see them. got back to the hotel around 2am and antony and i went looking for kebabs, to no avail. so we settled on so,e nasty pizza things at the hotel that were cold in the middle. crashed out around 2:30. got q call fro, Rita around 4am. i was dead tired and dont remember much. i do know its been raining in LA. well its been the same in Paris!

Mike Randle


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