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Day 33 Healthy Eating In Edinburgh — By Lizzyb –
March 7, 2004

We found our apartment in Edinburgh easily (Tina stayed there last year and when the show was scheduled for the same day as Scotland v England rugby and hotels were booked up it seemed like a good base. In the end the show was brought forward). I posted off my video cassettes to LA. We found a supermarket and bought a curry for tea. Nice civilized meal then off to the show.

As the taxi driver dropped us off he said ‘I hope you don’t mind me saying this, but you don’t look like the usual Liquid Room crowd’. We explained about the Rock Legend and went in to find Scottish Keith then down to The Last Drop pub with Mike and Old Man. Good thing we’d eaten a while back, the conversation was mostly about unconventional delicacies and pricing. I sold JoanieD’s ticket to a needy soul, she really wasn’t well enough to come along.

Inside the Liquid Room, we positioned ourselves on the balcony. I was in the sound board cage, with Tina and Keith just outside. There was no room for the tripod, but I had a railing to cling to. David Housden waved from below then disappeared. The show was brilliant again – Arthur on top form, so was every band member. The audience was great too. Big smiles all round. The singer seemed so happy. At the end he even did a bit of a commercial for the House of Blues DVD. We packed up and went down to return the camera and chat to other fans, including Jim, Ainsley and a couple who said next time we should stay with them. Then by the corner of the stage, the Man in The Hat appeared, with Rusty minding, so Tina got to return the camera via him and to speak to Arthur (techie video stuff). I tried to take some photos but had the settings wrong…Later the guy with Joanie’s ticket was past himself. Rusty was telling Tales of Music, including his Brian Wilson Story. It seems unbelievable that Brian Wilson is touring UK at the same time and they won’t get a chance to see him. A girl had a white handbag with red LOVE logo which she managed to get signed by everyone except Daddyo. I tried to get someone to fetch him for us, then adopted my teacher persona and took her find him, but alas her friends needed to go so she gave up on the mission. Then the ‘usual’ liquid room crowd came in for their club night. There was a dvd player in the apartment so I bought myself a copy of the House of Blues.

We had a conversation with Mr Chapple about where he stands on stage (bassists are usually to one side). Tina’s theory is that The Singer has Mike and David Chapple positioned at his sides to make him look even taller. But if that’s true, why have a tall guitar tech? I have witnesses to testify I Saw Mike Randle Eating an Orange – shock.

Off down the hill to find food and lodging. Mike took a call on his mobile, wondering what MWAH means (and I knew!). Jim was delighted to find the last minute internet reservation he’d made was at the band’s hotel. Nearby, Old Man, Tina and I were about to part company with the others when suddenly they all came back across the street and into the Blue Blazer pub for a bit of bonding. It is a lovely place, with a vast choice of whisky, great company and music to sing along to – and open til 1 am. Our love for the great Danes was confirmed and reinforced (such nice people). I took some photos of the floor, which is very nice but not what I’d intended. Somehow on the way down the hill, I lost my HoB DVD: Small price to pay for such a wonderful evening. I hope whoever found it has played it and become a fan.

Next morning we had Serious Breakfast at a brilliant deli called Valvona and Crolla where Tina bought a bottle of Lagavulin whisky for her Keith. We passed Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s house on the way back. Elementary. Then spent the day sightseeing up and down the hills of Edinburgh. The Castle, The new parliament building…. Nice day in Edinburgh. We had coffee in the café where the first Harry Potter book was written. I liberated a listings magazine for David Housden, so we had to duck into a doorway to avoid pursuit. It was a belly dancing supplies shop. I had to be torn away from the sequinned headdresses. Tina has been having lessons, but she didn’t feel ready for a full costume.

The city was already filling up with Rugby Fans. Mostly English. Supermarket visit then back to the apartment for pasta and Plenty of wine (ventured out for another bottle at one point) then put the world to rights before an early night . Glasgow tomorrow.

Mike Randle


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