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Day 71 Down, But Not Out, In Beverly Hills
April 15, 2004

Got up at about 7 am. went to the Velocity cafe for tea and to check emails (their computers are free to use when you buy something to eat or drink). a bit later, went to the library to read up on the river thames. am interested in it’s history. call me crazy… around 11:30 i drove from Santa Monica to Beverly hills (took Wilshire Bl all the way) to meet up with Lisa Jenio to get keys to her place. She’s a write and editor for a famous, very successful magazine and was in a meeting when i got there and so we had to blow off lunch as she’s a very busy gal so we took a raincheck…but we always raincheck our lunches…will we EVER have lunch, Lisa? Left Bev Hills and drove to Santa Monica, parking across the street from Truetone Music (on 7th and SM bl.) I then walked 4 blocks west to 3rd and SM bl to HOOTERS for wings and beer. it was delicious…and the gals aint bad on the eyes either…have decided to have my next birthday at the SM Hooters…everyone is invited…November 18, 2004. be there. walked back over to truetone and shopped a bit, played some guitars and stuff. tried out the MXR phase 45, which i think is brilliant. if you like that “jimmyPage” phasor sound this is the puppy. after that, i drove over to Rusty’s. He was watching the Chealsea/Astor Villa match and then i called Lisa to tell her i was gonna stay at Rusty’s tonight but would be at her house for wed instead. Then Sam Jones called and invited us to his new house in Topanga canyon (it overlooks the ocean and stuff) but we were thinking of having a piss up and so we turned Sam down. But Sam said he wanted to have an unannounced gig at the Bitter redhead. They wanted me to play Keys but i don’t have a wurlitzer keyboard. But when we get back from Scandanavia, i’ll find one. and then i’ll be in the Spoilers! Also, i think, when playing in the UK and Europe, i am gonna use Marshalls. Fenders ain’t cutting it over there. the voltage runs at a werid rate and i keep blowing the f*ckers up…that happened at Cantebury last year! and at Glastonbury! everywhere… Around 8pm, Rusty treated me to Sushi at HANA SUSHI and then we went to the Tavern and Alia and Aiden were working (duh) and so Alia and i came to an agreement and so i am moving into Alia’s flat May 1. she has a cat but promises not to let the bugger in my room. i HATE cats. Then Alia told me a funn story about a friend of ours named Nicky. Nicky was playing video games there at the tavern and was really really drunk. and so he puked in the corner, right near his game. then he continued the game. then he puked again. then he played some more. that’s disgusting huh? but Nicky is from Philly and he was the guy who told me there was a comedy club in Philly called YOU BETTA BE F*CKIN FUNNY. I had 4 pints of hefe and a shot of MAKER’S MARK (yuk) and then i wobbled back to Rusty’s house. I was so tired. oh, i nearly forgot by Swedish Anna (cello), called me and the Swedes are recording with Brian Wilson but will hang out with us after their session tomorrow. Yay!!! and with that, i crashed out.

Mike Randle


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