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Day 72 Rusty Buys A Gretch And Mike Gets Some Coffee
April 15, 2004

Returned the rental car and came back to Rusty’s house (via Big Blue Bus). Went to Truetone and Rusty bought a beautiful 1962 reissue Tennesee Rose Gretch with a Bigsby…gorgeous guitar! I played it…it’s like Butta! Chili peppers ax guy, John Frusciante was there buying a guitar as well as (beck’s guitarist) Smokey Hormel. we got introduced to Smokey and he was real nice and said he was a fan and stuff and had heard great things about us (BL) so that was right fun. we drove back to Rusty’s and i went down for some coffee on my own. went shopping for a computer (laptop) but couldn’t decide on a thing. Then i thought about something. i don’t have a lot of time (well, i seem to, huh?) but i thought, wouldn’t it be cool to work in a coffee shop? just like 2 days a week. just to meet friendly people and also get some extra dosh to pay those Julian bills. although it wouldn’t be much dosh but i actually miss dealing with people like that. i can be a good cashier. and when i worked at the gap (when i was 17) i used to love to fold clothes. i like folding clothes and washing dishes. hey, i bet i could be a great dish washer! i mean, i don’t really need to work but i think i need a change and i think it would do me good. so i got excited and asked for a job application. the manager gave me one and everyone there were so clean and nice. the shop was clean. everyone seemed happy. it was 100 meters from the ocean. there were beautiful women everywhere. i sat and filled it out. it had been 15 years since i filled one out. and then there was this very attractive woman looking at me. she smiled a very pretty smile. i ws flatter so i smiled back. and then she kinda giggled. so i kinda giggled. this was fun! then she laughed. and then i looked down and it was the application. she was laughing at me caus ei was filling out a job at Starbucks. whats so funny about that? Now, i could have said, no, i don’t need this job…i WANT this job…i’m really a rockstar…no really…i, um, play guitar and travel all over the world…i’ve been to Brecon! but who needs that! so i held my head up high and proudly filled that thing out. there is nothing more rewarding than an honest day’s work. i never forget that. so i left Starbucks and wondered if they’d call. went up to Rusty’s and we watched ManU beat Leicester 1 nil. Neville scored on a deflected Renaldo pass. then Bush’s press conference came on and it was pure comedy. this guy obviously doesn’t believe in hell. hey, that’s his perogative. Rusty and me head down to the Bitter Redhead and they start playing aroun 9;30. At 10:30 Bjorn, Malin, Anna, Eric, Stephan and Adreas show up! also, from Brian Wilson’s band, Nelson Bragg, Nick Walusko and Scott Bennet! All we needed was Darian and Probyn but they didn’t make it. So everyone got right pissed and had a wonderful, merry time. The Spoilers had me come up for a Neil Young song and then, after about 10 pints, it was midnight. we said goodbye to the Swedes and the BW guys and Rusty and I headed to TOMMY’S. then we went back to his house and ate the burgers. and then i crashed. no call from Starbucks.

Mike Randle


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