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Day 73 Surf’s Up
April 15, 2004

Got up at 7 am and headed for the beach. the waves, as usual, were really soothing and the weather was perfect. just a perfect day about to begin. hopped the bus (the #2, down Wilshire) and rented another car. drove to Callahans for breakfast. had oatmeal and toast. I never eat oatmeal but today I just felt like it. went over my notes and my outline (i literally have a box of notes that number 200 pages) for the possible idea for the book(s) i am working on. i am thinking of concentrating on the fictional novel idea. working title is WHEN THE BOY WANTS TO BE FREE, which is sort of a take on one of my favorite songs, the Pooh Sticks’ “When the girl wants to be free.” If i can write and edit this by the end of the summer i’ll be in shock. but i am committing myself to it. i think it will either make you laugh or make you sick.

all the names will be changed to protect the innocent…oh, and the solo record wont be finished till mid May. maybe the 3rd week. good things come to…oh nevermind, right? So, around 11am, after i left Callahans, i went back to Rusty’s to get my dirty clothes and then went to main street to do a load of laundry. I am picking Julian up around 4:30 from school and we are gonna try to find him some shoes he likes. I parked at a broken meter on mainstreet and hoped the stupid fascist metermaids wouldn’t give me a ticket. i placed a sign on the meter and the antinae of the car so hopefully those Neanderthals will put two and two together (wishful thinking).

So, after i finished my laundry i hit the traffic tral to hollywood and traffic was unusually light, which was nice. Then i got a call from Lisa saying that if i called her mobile she wouldn’t have got the message. she didn’t go to work and was hanging out at home, getting her taxes together (she lives in the hills where there are no signals) and so i told her i’d be round about 9pm. after i buy Julian some shoes i think we may catch a movie and then i’ll drop hm back at his mums house. I get him again next on friday, to which i’ll keep him overnight…yes, boys night out!

So, i get Julian from schol and we head to the Beverly center. The first place I see is teh French Connection, where all that cool FCUK stuff is…and my friend, Manic, works there so i am only now understanding fashionable stuff…(no, she doesn’t work THERE but for the company, in London)…so we go to a show store and i get Julian his first pair of Chuck Taylors….that’s right, Converse All Stars…in black! We then head to the movie theatres and buy popcorn and juice and 2 tix to see Scooby Doo 2, which i thought was really funny. Julian liked it to. After that we bought some fruit at Gelson’s and then i took the tyke back home and the poor guy didn’t want me to go…but i had to…it’s just the way it is.

So i get to Lisa’s huse about 9pm and then, like 2 gigling girls, we spend the next 2 hurs watching a Seinfeld marathon on TBS, drinking beer and Bushmills (blended malt). I also had 2 carne asadas. Then, we watched the Ben Stiller Show on DVD, which i’d never seen before, and it was hilarious. Lisa had to work in the morning and so said good night while i read a Playboy interview with Pamela Lee Anderson. She was surprisingly intelligent and had some really funny takes on Janet Jackson’s “costume malfunction”. And with that i crashed out and had a dream (or sort of a “rememberance”) about the first girl i ever kissed, Loraine. We went in my garage and she had a white bluse on. we were 11 and really liked each other. i backed her into a corner and we kissed and then she noticed her back was wet. turned out i backed her into my stepdad’s oil cans. her blouse was ruined. and we had to explain that. and then i thught about life, how that oil spot is sort of a euphumism for life. when you get close to what you want, watch out for the oil cans.

Mike Randle


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