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Mike Randle


Day 85
April 27, 2004

Got up about 10 am and it was a magnificent day, with the sun shining and such. i took a walk around the harbor and parked myself at a cafe and read. later in the afternoon, Chapple and I went to have lunch at a Greek Restaurant. after that we went to soundcheck, which sounded good and an old friend showed up, LEO, who had hung out with us after our KB Klub show in Malmo, Sweden, May 1996! After soundcheck, we went back to the hotel for about an hour before Sven and Ingu came to pick us up and take us to dinner. The restaurant we ate in was really nice and the bartender was playing a RUSH cd (Moving Pictures) and i was imitating the drummer’s playing, much to everyone’s amusement. the courses were really good but later on everyone had an upset stomach, possibly due to one of the courses. after that, went back again to my room and showere and then chilled till stage time (11pm). We played, i think, the best of all the Scandic shows. afterwards we had drinks with some fans and also relatives of Kose’s wife. then there was a party nearby and we had some drinks (not everyone went though) and it was nice to chill with cool Norway folk. (side note: Caryne, I got your text but had no time on my phone… the diaries were kinda short and Torben was right there and this hotel has internet so I actually didn’t need your expertise… but don’t think you can retire just yet…) and so, all in all, this was a nice, easy trip. and no cold weather! tomorrow we fly to Copenhagen for the night.

Mike Randle


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