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Live And Let Live
August 27, 2004

Well, we got thru the longest ‘3 shows in 4 days’ I’ve ever known. Unbelievable thnaks to Larry, Cheryl, Bill Bartel, Jeff and Susan for making such long journeys (not to mention the SF guys and Ake, fer cryin out loud…) I, for one, am glad things turned out ok in the end. I want to apologize for me nearly getting into a fight right before the show on Tuesday. It got resolved and everything is fine between me and that guy. Anyone who knows me knows i’d never pick a fight. But also I dont back down from anyone. Of course, i did have LOVE fan, Larry, waiting to pounce on anyone who came my way looking cross! Thanks Larry and also thanks for looking out for Hannah at Spaceland. You are the man.

Our guitar tech, Roland, celebrated his b/day wed and so we had people at Spaceland sing him happy b/day after the show. He also brought me a shot of tequila during the show; bad boy, eh? well, am dead knackered and Miss Hannah is thoroughly jetlagged and asleep now in my room and has been since 8pm! (it’s 9:30pm as now). I’m tired too, as me and Rusty got home at 3am 2 nights in a row and i know what yer thinking; WE DID TOO! true. Everybody’s gotta live. More soon…

Mike Randle


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