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Dreams Are Made In Hollywood, Even Still
May 19, 2004

“but what I really love is the white stuff in the middle.”

well, after having my coffee in my London Tube Map coffee mug, i worked some more on some songs and then i did some cleaning up and laundry and worked some more on songs and then practiced a bit on the electric. then i went up to the Bitter Redhead, as it was 2 for 1 drinks. this was about 5pm. then Rusty called and said hey man, it’s 2 for 1 drinks. and there wasn’t a Spoilers show so he came down and we watched the Miami Heat play real pathetic and get beat by the Indiana Pacers (the team and state i most despise) and then about 7:30 Lee Ann showed up and she started pouring the drinks and well, she’s also an actress and so we discussed her audition for a commercial and then i made up a line and asked her to say it to Rusty so we could see if she could act and she did a really good job. basically, she was to slam a beer down and say, “Rusty, stay the f*ck away from my peppers.” and that was it. stuff legends are made of. now, i don’t know if you know this about me but i once auditioned for a commercial. this was back in january 1997. actually, me and this legally insane girl i’d dated for about 2 weeks were approached by this tv producer outside Abitt’s Pizza (on Abbit Kenney and California street) so we went down to teh audition. NOW, my audition was hilarious. it was for an Oreo Cookie commercial. Now, imagine ME squished between this 2 beach bunny blondes, them smiling an dlooking at me and me saying the following line: “but what I really love is the white stuff in the middle.” and each time i erupted in a huge 2 minute laugh. After a while the person in charge didn’t find it funny anymore and showed me the door, thus putting the breaks on a possible illustrious tv commercial career before it even had a chance to start. hey, that business is rough. So, after we fiished our pints at the Bitter Redhead Rusty wanted to grab a bite…and i knew where he wanted to go…Hana Sushi but i was like, no way dude, not me. I was tired…and a bit pissed (drink-wise) but lucky for me, i live 6 blocks from the B.R. and it’s a straight line as well (although i did have trouble finding my car this morning…) so i got home and listened to my friend’s (Danny Allen) new record, which was great. it’s on stanley recordings. go to their site: www.stanleyrecordings.com and check it out. Danny used to be in BOYS NAMED SUE and HARVETTE with David Chapple. And so after that went off i dozed off and that was the end of that…

Mike Randle


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