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Moz, Primus & Jackson B.
May 20, 2004

Well, I woke up and looked around and there was no hangover in sight. so I lept with joy and hit the shower. afterwards, went and got coffee and then hit up KINKOS, as i had loads of copying to do…sheet music and studio track sheets that i like to hang onto for kicks. around noon i had lunch at a place I hadn’t been to in a long time…and it used to have a differetn name. now it was MICHAEL D’s and it’s on pico and 3rd street, right up from Cora’s diner. Well, i would have been wise just to go to Cora’s (though i hear it’s TOTALLY trendy now…oh my..really?) but i said hey i wanted some daylight (Cora’s is always too dark for my taste) so i go to this dump and the food is complete shite. I had Spaghetti marinara and it was like Chef Boy-ar-dee. I paid and left in discuss. if you wanna go there and bowl, fine, but don’t eat the food. it’s CRAP. So, after that i went over to TOWER Records in Marina Del Rey (only 10 minutes from my crib, ya’ll) and bought Van Halen II and also thenew Morrisey and please let me go on record to say that the new MOZ is most excellent! and the first line of the first song says “America, your head is too big” and i thought, wow, here Moz is defending the rights of beer drinkers and their over abundance of head on their pints and then it hit me that maybe he wasn’t talking about beer at all. maybe he was being (hush) political er sumthin… So i listened to the whole record 3 times and i must say i love it. Moz, you rule. and, thanks to Manic (who appearently has mailed me the UK single) i am up to me elbows in Moz misery. and boy is he angry. he even says, in one song, that his face has been dragged through 15 miles of shit. and he means it. and that’s what i love about the manchester menace. so i rolled out of Tower and onto Lincoln Blvd heading north towards venice. got to marine and made a right and then a left onto 11th street. took that to my street, parked and took a short nap. got up at 3pm and got ready to drive to hollywood. took venice blvd and my usual way from there. got julian from school and then we went to santa monica. dropped by TRUETONE music to look at guitars. julian really liked this small kids guitar but i told him he would have to wait till his b/day. Cookiehed introduced me to “Larry” who was VERY nice. Larry plays in PRIMUS. i THINK he plays guitar. i saw them in ’91 in TiJuanna and it was great…total chaos! Larry and i talked about it and he remembered it and had a good laugh. but the wacky part was this; when i got home there was a message on my machine from Dr. Dre’s bassist asking me to come down and play guitar on Dr. Dre’s record, THE CRONIC! so that’s correct, ladies and gentlemen, i could have been on the cronic but i was in Mexico instead! so julian and i left and on our way out i bumped into Jackson Browne but it was more or less a “hi, bye!” cause we wanted to catch Shmrek 2. so we left Truetone (which is on 7th and Snata Monica blvd) and by the time we got to 4rg street julian had to wee. so we stopped at HOOTERS on 3rd and i let jules go, which also (coincidence, purely …) let me catch part of the Kings/Timberwolves game. Julian came out and we went and bought our tickets. $19 total, a complete highway robbery. i decided there and then that that was my last movie that wasn’t a matenee’. so we watched the movie and it was great. but at a certain point i found it too violent and took Julian out. he was relieved, as he felt the same way. so we went home and he colored in a coloring book and i read and then he took a bath and then it was bedtime and not a minute too soon. Kids are hard work.

Mike Randle


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