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You Don’t Know (Jack) Shit
May 18, 2004

well, after my cup of coffee i listened to some final mixes and then darted over to Stanley Studios to get some lap steel down (listen, please no pannicked emails. the record will be out VERY shortly…trust me!) by the one and only John Would. and then John and i had some Thai Food and then, oh wait, i was at true tone before that and then i went to johns. But Cookiehead gave me this cool SanMo map and there was an interview with Ry Cooder (a SANta MOnica native) and he named his fave places and i be damned if he didn’t steal my thunder. guess what? he EATS at Sung Harbor and he goes to the SM airport to chill out and he shops at TRUETONE! so i laughed about that. went home and worked on some tunes and wrote 2 new songs. one of which, was an idea that i’d never finished but John E gave me a chart of my life in astrological terms and i’d been reading it and i found it very intrigueing and this tune that i couldn’t unlock, all of sudden was as open as a football pitch. so i finished the song and got 75% thru the other. rang rusty and he was dealing with computer problems and had Roland on the other line (our friend Roland Kim). so i took a nap and then i woke up about 7pm (so i napped from 5pm to 7pm) and walked into the kitchen and frightened Alia, who thought i was gone. she was having a cigartette and playing computer solitaire (her fave past time, when she’s not at the bar having a right piss up). i calle drusty again and told him i’d pick him up at 8:30. we then drove to Trutone to pick up David “Cokiehead” Jenkins and drove to the baked potatoe, which is in Sherman Oaks. well not really. it’s on barnum so, theoretically, it’s in Hollywood and part of the Cayheinga Pass. so we took the 10 east to the 405 north and it was smooth sailing until we got on the 101 south-east and hit a serious traffic jame…at 9pm! so i got off on Van Nuys and we went down Ventura all the way to the club. Got our seats (which Cookieheads’s gal, Cynthia, was holding for us) and proceeded to get knocked out by JACKSHIT. she show was great and the beer made it even better. afterwards, Cookiehead left with his gal and Rusty and I went back to Santa Monica. got home at 1am…dead knackered and ready to count sheep.

Mike Randle


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