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I Got To Find My Feathered Fish
May 5, 2004

now, I really don’t wanna make this a debate or an “I’m right, she’s wrong” kinda thing. I think it’s very interesting that people would compare I GOT TO FIND IT with FEATHERED FISH. so, i will, as a member of the group, offer my perspective. please take from it what you please. Now then, first off, i think FF is a brilliant, original and exciting tune. Everyone in the band loves it…well, most everyone! It does kick ass, yes, but it is also a really deep song if you lisen close. dig this lyric “6th and 3rd is where my bird starts to bark” which follows “I see colours swirling round in the dark”. now, if a parrot is in a room with a dog, well, he just may learn how to bark, might he? who knows? you don’t need that info to like FF. Now, before that long 39 show tour our manager asked us to learn some more back catalog stuff. I GOT TO FIND IT was one of them. now, don’t get me wrong…i like phase shifters and i like that 70’s feel for stuff. but that tune…i didn’t care for it. that’s just my opinion. and i hated playing it. and finally the other guys realized i wasn’t gonna play it! and it was never really brought up again in rehearsals or discussions for setlist. and to be honest, WE never improved it. that was what got me. i like to think i can make anything better but when we (and i think WE are pretty good musicians) tried that our it sounded like doo doo every single time. it wasn’t us so much as it’s a song that really belongs in it’s time. it doesn’t transcend like good songs do. this is why people ask for FF and not I GOT TO FIND IT. sometimes the numbers DO mean something. now, of course, it don’t mean it’s a better song or worse song. it fits different people’s tastes. but hey, Martyn is always yelling STAND OUT and i always yell back WHY? and folks, there in is what we in the music biz call TASTES. everyone has different TASTES but i cannot, even though i typed this whole thing, i cannot say I GOT TO FIND IT is not as good a song as FEATHERED FISH. i can say that i find FF infinitely interesting and IGTFI rather plain and ordinary. But that’s my opinion, which ain’t worth much these days, but it’s all i got to go on…now, if you’ll excuse me i got to find my feathered fish…

Mike Randle


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