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For Those About To Shop ( We Salute You )
December 17, 2004

Well, I spent 3 days in New England on business and the 85F in LA was a far cry from the 21F in Boston. But no matter I still held my own. But, back in LA, Hannah and Joanne were shopping like mad on the 3rd street promenade, devouring the Gap and Old Navy shops like nobody’s business. But the friuts of their labours were very cool indeed so i think those gals deserve a round of applause. And it was wonderful to arrive in LAX with nice Santa Ana winds in tow. Yep.

And so baby lemonade did a wonderful rehearsal for the show we’ll do saturday. it was fun and great to get together, as we hadn’t in quite a while, really. it sounded great. and rusty bought a bright new red electric guitar. and he’s gonna play it saturday. i hadnt gotten a haircut in ages and so i’ll have a big boof saturday too. Susan B and Cheryl H will have their table at the CoachHouse and Hannah is gonna be hangin at their table, which shows how sweet those girls are. when i think of Susan and Cheryl i think, wow, this is the USA version of Lizzy and tina (and if there was a 3rd here in cali i’;d say a caryne!)…as far as i know, Johnny Echols is supposed to play..which makes us happy, as we really love playing with him and he’s just amazing.

There are some nice things on the horizon but the Diary never says a word until things are done correctly. But 2005 should be HUGE with loads of good music for all. loads loads loads. now, i am supposed to be in the january/febuary edition of MAGNET MAGAZINE…so if any finds it…send it off or lemme know where i can get it! everyone have a happy December…this diary is off to Dallas Xmas eve to meet hannah’s mom, dad, brother’s and whole family. wow, huh? i think i’ll where a nice jumper…

Mike Randle


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