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Happy Xmas Everybody!
December 24, 2004

Here’s hoping the Season’s Greetings brings good cheer and joy to all. This also is the time of year when people get really down on themselves. So i’ll send out good cheer to them as well. Here’s to wishing that 2005 can be and will be better than 2004 and that SPIN goes the wayside to truth and good sense. (who am i kidding; we LOVE spin…and believe it every chance we get…question is…CAN you RECOGNIZE spin WEHN you SEE it?) so, that aside, i want 2005 to just be perfectly wonderful and I won’t settle for less!

Now, i have to revisit the CoachHouse, sorry. It’s tough to concentrate on singing and playing guitar when a drunk, beligerent, foolish and inconsiderate person is making an ass out of themselves simply because they don;t know when to stop. This makes a show tough for the fans as well as the band. So thank you to everyone who were patient and understanding when security dragged off that EXTREMELY drunk woman who was sitting right in front of The Singer. As a matter of fact, SHE made HIS condition look like the Pope on aspirin. She was a wreck and i was certain she was gonna puke all over this one woman who was obviously holding the drunk woman at bay. Good on security for tossing her out. And what happened to her husband? He went to the bar! (She’s not with me!!!!) So, everyone have a nice one and remember to SPOT the spin and you’ll be better for it. And i hate to quote Baretta but ‘you can take that to the bank.’

Mike Randle


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