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Meet The Milmans
December 31, 2004

Whether it’s a small child, that special person in your life or just the kind a perfect times words of a true friend, Love is so important and never so important than during the holidays. I think it’s a wonderful thing that so many folks care enough to engage in topics like why LOVE plays a show and ol Artie sits down for part of the show. I think that’s fair. Cause, 9 times out of 10 Arthur lee can kick any performer’s bum. I would put the best LOVE show (from either the 60’s or post 2002) up against any live show from anyone. So there’s no doubt the boy still has it in him.

I just got back from Dallas (had a marvelous time!) and so I’ve been out of the loop a bit. But it was great to finally meet Hannah’s Folks and her 2 Brothers (as well as her Texas relations) and everyone seemed to get on well so that was doubly sweet. So I feel incredibly blessed to not only have a woman in my life that i love and cherish and adore, but also be around my bestest friends (daddyo, Chapple, and Rusty) and also all my other good pals whom I think are great (The New Guy, Jazmaan, Johnny Echols, Fritz the Cool Cat, Chris & The Corporation, The Orange County Crew) and then there are the posse from England who are too many too mention but none the lesser for it. My love for everyone goes miles beyond any words I could write. And so, i finally met teh Milmans. And Xmas was great. And we all went to Church the next morning. And to the pub after Church. And we watched the Cowboys win a close game.

Mike Randle


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