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Mike Randle


Just Can’t Win
May 29, 2004

I’m a nice guy. I like to think so, at least. I shop at my neighborhood market, Albertsons and I like to think that they have intelligent, sensible people running things, as any good person would. But the store in my neighborhood, man, these knuckleheads are just pathetic. Now, let’s hold on a minute. So you may think I am being unfair to grocery folks. Hey, I had their backs during that strike. NOW I feel like an idiot! Half these people could care the f*ck less if your service is good or not. Hell, they may as well be working in England! Listen, this isn’t a typical Diary rant, folks. This is a heart felt plea to democracy. A plea to all that is sacred in God’s country. To all that we hold true. basically, this Albertsons would be better run if the baggers ran the registers because they’re the only one’s who seams to care about anybody. Man, I’m getting gray hairs in that place. Just ask Jazmaan. It’s his neighborhood too. Aks him what service is like. It ain’t pretty. Ok. My rants are over…more soon…

Mike Randle


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