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Love Takes Gold On Wed, After Failing To Even Get The Bronze On Tuesday
August 28, 2004

And to think I talked people out of going to the show on Wed (ok, only kidding, Spaceland!) but it turned out to be really good. So now more writing songs and demos and plans to make a full, real new LOVE record, no crap, no old recordings ‘sex’d up’, no inferior product. I think LOVE fans have to come to expect more in the last 2 1/2 years and doggone it, I don’t blame em one bit. Am doing my part. if you believe ANYTHING, please believe that. Actually, I should say WE but i dont mind being specific on myself. i think I’ve earned it.

Now, i’ve been blessed with some very nice emails from people who bought Barstool Blues, which balances the abusive emails i get from people saying really stupid things (not about the record) about how Baby Lemonade should consider ourselves lucky. Ho hum, huh? it’s enough to make ya wanna yawn…

Well, Rusty, Hannah and i headed up to SPOILER Sam’s pad yesterday and Rusty, him and myself worked on Spoiler songs while Hannah laid out by the pool and fell asleep. we took a break after recording some ideas and then we all went swimming and then in the jacuzzi. Saw a dear and some quail. Then Sam tossed on some steaks and we ate that and corn and some yummy tomatoe thing with cheese and fresh basil on it. had some wine, played back tracks that we worked on and then we all split his pad at 9pm.

Got home and Han, poor Han, still jet lagged and fell asleep about 9:45. I watched some olympics and drank a couple of Beck’s and then I hit the hay as well. The SPOILERS are gonna play the Bitter Redhead Tuesday at 9pm (2 sets) so come on out, have yourself a Stone Brew and enjoy the tunes, atmosphere and company…

Mike Randle


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