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Love And Peace, Dude
September 5, 2004

Well, as I write this I am nursing a lower back strain that hurts like a mofo. Thankfully, Hannah has been here to help me out. I was placing a case of Water in the car boot when I strained myself. But am on muscle relaxants (ah…yeah…) and heating pads. Haven’t been up much for writing diaries, so sorry if this one is a bit lame. Looking forward to the USA tour and hopefully, other things on the horizon will come to fruition. Let’s hope it all goes ok and turns out to be a classic, amazing USA tour. I sure as hell will give my best.

Well, keeping this short. I plan to rent the Wizard of Oz. Everyone in the Emerald City was so fearful and reverent of the the Wiz. He was all knowing, all seeing, remember? Great movie. The Wizard of Oz had that big TV screen and frightened people senseless with his ominous rants. But then, and this really got to me as a child, the little dog, Toto, pulled the curtain back and then everyone knew the Oz was only a lonely guy who wanted attention, just wanted friends. And so then they all were good after that and the Lion got Courage, thr Tinman got his heart, the scarecrow got his brain and Dorothy went back to Kansas. Cause there was no place like home. And I love that movie.

Mike Randle


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